Pathways to Population Health

​Pathways to Population Health is a collaboration between IHI and the American Hospital Association/Health Research and Educational Trust, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, Public Health Institute, and Stakeholder Health. Together, with our Pioneer Sponsors, we are leveraging our shared assets and unique strengths to help health care organizations accelerate their individual and collective population health improvement efforts. Download the Pathways to Population Health Framework, use the Compass assessment tool, access a curated set of tools and resources on the Oasis — and join a national community of health care change agents.

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​JOIN a Free 7-Week Call Series:
Population Health Improvement "Waves"

Join health care change agents from across the US to share and improve together. IHI's free 7-week call series, called Population Health Improvement “Waves," will provide an in-depth review of the Pathways to Population Health Framework — including a deep dive into bright spots and key actions within each of the four portfolios of population health — and allow for ample opportunities for expert coaching and peer sharing and learning.

  • Wave 1: Begins June 13, 2018 — Provides the foundation needed for Waves 2 and 3, if you wish to continue, where you can work even more deeply in a portfolio of your choice
  • Wave 2: Begins in September 2018
  • Wave 3: Begins in January 2019

What You'll Learn

At the end of the Wave 1 call series, health care change agents will have:

  • Used the Pathways to Population Health Framework to develop a more cohesive, strategic, and aligned population health strategy for their health care organizations in one or more of the four portfolios of population health

Pathways to Population Health Portfolios 

  • Assessed their organizations' current assets and opportunities for improvement using the Compass assessment tool
  • Made measurable progress along their population health improvement journeys by creating an Action Plan to set goals and prioritize population health work for their organizations

Who Should Attend

Health care change agents looking to improve population health.

Materials and Technology

The call series is supported by WebEx. In order to fully participate in the sessions, learners will need to have specific technology available and install the WebEx software in advance.

Learn more about Materials and Technology requirements

Continuing Education Credits

IHI is unable to offer continuing education credits for the call series.


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