Pathways to Population Health

​Pathways to Population Health is a collaboration between IHI and the American Hospital Association/Health Research and Educational Trust, Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, Public Health Institute, and Stakeholder Health, facilitated by 100 Million Healthier Lives with generous funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Together, with our Pioneer Sponsors, we are leveraging shared assets and unique strengths to help health care organizations accelerate their individual and collective population health improvement efforts. Download the Pathways to Population Health Framework, use the Compass assessment tool, access a curated set of tools and resources on the Oasis — and join a national community of health care change agents.

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Four Portfolios of Population Health

The Pathways to Population Health Framework aims to help health care change agents on the journey to population health by 1) providing a common voice and shared language; 2) breaking population health into simple, powerful portfolios of activity; and 3) linking to tools and pathways to make the journey easier.

Pathways to Population Health Portfolios 

The framework's four portfolios of population health offer health care organizations a simple way to organize their work in service of ultimately achieving a balance over time for greatest impact. Two portfolios relate to improving the health and well-being of the people health care is directly accountable for (patients and employees), and two relate to improving the health and well-being of the places a health care organization might be working in (the community). Learn more on the Pathways to Population Health website.



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