Compliance with Severe Sepsis Bundles (with the Goal of Reducing Mortality)


The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) has reset a target reduction in overall mortality due to severe sepsis and septic shock based on the improvement accomplished in the first 10 years of the SSC.


The new goal is to increase the number of hospitals contributing data to the SSC to 10,000 hospitals worldwide and to apply the guidelines to 100 percent of patients suspected to have severe sepsis or septic shock.


Measuring compliance with the Severe Sepsis Bundles will allow your team to judge how well your institution is performing in achieving the goal of 100 percent compliance with all Severe Sepsis Bundles elements.


The measure is defined as the percent of cases for whom all bundle elements in the Severe Sepsis Bundles were completed on time.


Numerator: The number of cases of severe sepsis and septic shock for whom all bundles elements were completed on time


Denominator: The total number of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock


Exclusion: Non-severe sepsis



Increase compliance with the Severe Sepsis Bundles to 100 percent


Data Collection Plan

Data may be collected concurrently using the Surviving Sepsis Campaign’s data collection tool — that is, once a patient is placed on the hospital’s severe sepsis protocol, data can be abstracted from the patient chart in real time — or retrospectively using a chart review, a method generally recommended for more experienced improvement teams.

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