Emory University School of Medicine Department of Medicine Performance Improvement Posters

Emory University School of Medicine Department of Medicine
Emory University J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program conducted performance improvement projects as part of a Performance Improvement curriculum from October 2007 through March 31, 2008. A team of twelve faculty met monthly to develop curriculum and worksheets, in addition to discussing their faculty project that they used as an example to guide the residents in their project development.
Resident groups were divided into their weekly continuity clinic teams which ranged in size from five to seven members. Each team was paired with a faculty facilitator. Teams met for seven one-hour Performance Improvement Project (PIP) sessions scheduled during their regular clinic conference times. This time was used to teach general principles and for them to plan the application of principles taught in their project. At the end of the year, we had a poster session displaying the 25 projects as well as a Performance Improvement Grand Rounds during Medical Grand Rounds. 
Faculty Team: Ursula Whalen, Rick Gitomer, Joyce Doyle, Shelly-Ann Fluker, Lorenzo Difrancesco, Jason Schneider, Kelly Cunningham, Danielle Jones, Ugochi Ohuanbanwa, Michael Saenger, Jada Bussey-Jones, Lisa Bernstein, Lesley Miller
Objectives for the curriculum are for each resident to be able to do the following by the end of the year: 
    1. Develop an aim statement
    2. Identify appropriate measures
    3. Analyze a run chart
    4. Use SPC (statistical process control) charts to evaluate variation
    5. Conduct a test of change
    6. Create a team
  • Each resident will participate in a team project that will be presented at the end of the year at Grand Rounds and at a poster presentation.
  • Teams: Your clinic is your team to allow for clinic “team huddles” and team meetings. 
  • The faculty team is undertaking a project as well (pneumococcal vaccination) in clinic and using our example for teaching, in addition to addressing barriers along the way.
  • 6 PI sessions this year during clinic conference on the following dates
  • Please see attachment IHIPosters09.doc for more detailed information
Poster 1: Improving HIV Testing Rates
Kush Agrawal, MD, Tenecia Deans, MD, Charles Jackson, MD, Mihir Kanitkar, MD, Sameer Satija, MD, Darina Stankeyeva, MD, Jason Schneider, MD
Poster 2: Improving Exercise Counseling Rates
Pablo Bedoya, MD, Dhaval Patel, MD, Jason Cobb, MD, Phil Lee, MD, Rachel Friedman, MD, Samer Maalouf, MD, Nishin Bhadkamkar, MD, Pei-Hsiu Huang, MD, Shahzad Shah, MD, Gaurav Aggarwal, MD, Eric Krivitsky, MD, Svetlana Kats, MD, David Dantzler, MD, Kelly Cunningham, MD
Poster 3: Improving Aspirin Primary Prophylaxis for Cardiovascular Diseases
Mohammed Aldarei, MD, Benjamin Andrews, MD, Sangeetha Dayalan, MD, Cari Low, MD, Kristina Lundberg, MD, Joyanna Wendt, MD, John Wrangle, MD, Ugochi Ohuabunwa, MD
Poster 4: Performance Improvement: Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Leah Corson, MD, Andrew Simpson, MD, Scott Fredd, MD, Minal Patel, MD, Julie Krenz, MD, Carmen Polito, MD, Tamara Shaw-Lutchman, MD, Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD
Poster 5: Improving Fall Assessment Rate in the Elderly
Jennifer Twombly, MD, Shahed Brown, MD, Joanna Bonsall, MD, Omar Kashlan, MD, Jennie Law, MD, Dan Johnson, MD, Kelly Cunningham, MD
Poster 6: Breast Cancer Screening with Mammogram
Performance Improvement Project
Christina Marin, MD, David Watson, MD, Amy Miller, MD, Ameeta Kalokhe, MD, Amy Lucas, MD, Rahwa Ghermay, MD, Jada Bussey -Jones, MD
Poster 7: Improving Documentation of Colonoscopy and Mammography in an Inner City Primary Care Clinic
Nicole Redmond, MD, PhD, Anke Doan, MD, Veronika Steenpass, MD, Krutika Kuppalli, MD, Susie Chen, MD, Vanetta Hyatt, MD, Iesha Galloway, MD, Lesley Miller, MD
Poster 8: Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Primary Care Setting
Ian J. Neeland, MD, Michael Wayne Fleischman, MD, Ayaz Rahman, MD, Spencer Liebman, MD, Richard Blatt, MD, Victor Coronado, MD, Jada Bussey-Jones, MD
Poster 9: Improving Colonoscopy Screening Documentation Rates
Matthew Certain, MD, Catherine Norton, MD, Emad Qayed, MD, Chelsea Sheppard, MD, Deepa Mangalat, MD, Parag Joshi, MD, Joseph Kim, MD, Ruchir Patel, MD, Michael Saenger, MD
Poster 10: Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
Jeff Manaloto, MD, Jonathan Gibson, MD, Casey Hall, MD, Andy Kobylivker, MD, Aliza Lipson, MD, Elizabeth Rigby, MD, Sejal Sarolia, MD, Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD
Poster 11: Improving Colonoscopy Referral Rates
Hamilton Lam, MD, Ahmad Jeroudi, MD, Craig Lammert, MD, Ross Pacini, MD, Jason Guyotte, MD, Sonalia Sakaria, MD, Kristina Chacko, MD, Koy Thanaporn, MD, Rick Gitomer, MD
Poster 12: Improving Annual Diabetic Foot Exams
John Morsek, MD, Julie Jackson-Murphy, MD, Jay Anderson, MD, Imad Hussein, MD, Adam Denker, MD, Danny Eapen, MD, Jada Bussey-Jones, MD
Poster 13: Happy Feet: Improving Rates of Performance of Annual Diabetic Foot Exams in Resident Continuity Clinic
Rosette Chakkalakal, MD, Tricia Ferguson, MD, Maria Susana Castejon Welchez, MD, Emily Cartwright, MD, Stacie Schmidt, MD, Jennifer Bracey, MD, Odicie Fielder, MD, Lorenzo DiFrancesco, MD
Poster 14: Improved Rates of Screening for Diabetes Mellitus
Perry Anarado, MD, Karen Blanchard, MD, Shaun Conlon, MD, Maura George, MD, Daniel Grove, MD, Amin Yehya, MD, Ursula Whalen, MD
Poster 15: Improving Compliance with HgbA1c Monitoring
Jordan Kempker, MD, Brandon Eilertson, MD, Luis Mora Vieira, MD, Deepa Reddy, MD, Omar Saeed, MD, Nje Mark, MD, Kevin Erickson, MD, Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD
Poster 16: Improving Lipid Screening in Diabetics
Eva Rimler, MD, Sameera Azad, MD, Girish Kalra, MD, Kavya Sebastian, MD, Angie Ross, MD, Vardhan Vasuki, MD, Nikeva Bernard, MD, Ursula Whalen, MD
Poster 17: Improving Osteoporosis Screening Rates
Nicole Griglioni, MD, Leo Jeng, MD, Collins Kwarteng, MD, Rebecca Leleiko, MD, Rebecca Levit, MD, Reshma Shah, MD, Ha Tran, MD, Joyce Doyle, MD
Poster 18: Improving Osteoporosis Screening Rates in a Medical Resident Primary Care Clinic
Gabriel Wishik, MD, Michael Bolton, MD, Cesar Cruz, MD, Maria Carolina Gongora, MD, Paulina Rebolledo, MD, Stacy Higgins, MD
Poster 19: Improving Osteoporosis Screening Rates
Megan McCauley, MD, Amil Patel, MD, Alejandro Riefkohl, MD, Ngozi Okoro, MD, Claudia Karam, MD, Matt McMahon, MD, Ugochi Ohuanbanwa, MD
Poster 20: Smoking Cessation Counseling and Documentation
Elisa Zaragoza-Macias, MD, MPH, Laurel Murrow, MD, Sony Mathews, MD, David Liff, MD, Barry White, MD, Rick Gitomer, MD
Poster 21: Improving Smoking Cessation Counseling Rates
Ilie Barb, MD, Cecile Delille, MD, Runa Gokhale, MD, Huiming Hon, MD, Wissam Jaber, MD, Karen Law, MD, Aaditya Vora, MD, Jason Schneider, MD
Poster 22: Improving Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccination Documentation
Jennifer Whitaker, MD, Sarah Bennett, MD, Dominique Cosco, MD, Renee Funches, MD, Vladimir Liarski, MD, Ben Walker, MD, Martha Ward, MD, Rick Gitomer, MD
Poster 23: Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates
Raul R. Blanco, MD, Aliya Heyliger, MD, Alfred Albano, MD, Ayushi Ahuja, MD, Julie Economos, MD, Christina Payne, MD, Rathi Pillai, MD, Lisa Bernstein, MD
Poster 24: Improving Assessment Rates for Flu Vaccine Administration
Benjamin Mackie, MD, Richard Kaplan, MD, Andrew Dickerson, MD, Ziad El Khoury, MD, Sindhu Thomas, MD, Ursula Whalen, MD
Poster 25: Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates
Kelly Cunningham, MD, Ursula Whalen, MD, Joyce Doyle, MD, Lesley Miller, MD, Jada Bussey-Jones, MD, Jason Schneider, MD, Ugochi Ohuabunwa, MD, Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD, Lorenzo Difrancesco, MD, Michael Saenger, MD, Richard Gitomer, MD
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