Community Support for HIV Patients

Linkages between health clinics and community resources such as AIDS service organizations (ASOs), health departments, churches, senior centers, and YMCA/YWCAs are crucial to the success of HIV/AIDS programs. Clinics form partnerships with community organizations to develop evidence-based programs, resources, and health policies that support patients in their efforts to live with HIV/AIDS disease.


Clinics with strong linkages to the community make special efforts to coordinate care guidelines, measures, and resources throughout the community. Clinics that make these important links to community resources improve patient care and outcomes, and enable communities and patients to take an active role in managing a chronic illness, such as HIV/AIDS disease.


Changes for Improvement

Create a Consumer Advisory Board
Create and Maintain an Updated List of Community Resources and Ensure Distribution to Staff, Patients, and Families
Raise Community Awareness Through Networking, Outreach, and Education
Establish Linkages and Connections to Care Within Organizations and Across Organizations to Develop Programs, Policies, and Referral Opportunities

Identify and Remedy Current Gaps in Community Resources

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