WIHI: Leaning In: Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations

Date: May 7, 2015


  • Chris DeMars, MPH, Director, Systems Innovation, Oregon Health Authority- Transformation Center
  • Ronald Stock, MD, MA, Director of Clinical Innovation, Oregon Health Authority-Transformation Center
  • Trissa Torres, MD, MSPH, FACPM, Senior Vice President, IHI

Far from the epicenter of Washington, DC, and the federal government’s efforts to expand health insurance coverage and usher in health care delivery and payment reform, states are moving ahead with amazing innovations of their own these days. Medicaid waivers, which offer states running room to experiment with public dollars, are one big reason. And one big example of what’s possible is unfolding in Oregon.

No stranger to trail-blazing with transformative ideas and initiatives, Oregon’s latest efforts to provide better care and value to nearly one million Medicaid recipients the focus of this WIHI. The groundwork and the enabling policies and legislation for Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) have been several years in the making, and the careful shaping of the program is leading to some impressive results.

You'll hear about the money, the care, the innovative use of community health workers, and just how 16 CCOs across Oregon function as one system on this great episode of WIHI.



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