WIHI: 100 Million Healthier Lives by 2020

Date: ​November 20, 2014


  • Soma Stout, MD, MS, Executive External Lead for Health Improvement, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
  • Erin Healy, JD, Director, Knowledge Sharing, Community Solutions
  • Kevin Barnett, DrPH, MCP, Senior Investigator, Public Health Institute
  • Ninon Lewis, MS, Director, Triple Aim for Populations, IHI

When IHI first introduced the framework of the Triple Aim in 2008, we couldn’t have imagined how much it would resonate with health and health care improvers all over the world. Six years and much on the ground experience later, this pursuit of better experience of care, better health, and lower costs, is taking a new, exciting turn.

The Guiding Coalition was launched this October by IHI and some 30 founding partners with the goal of making a demonstrable improvement in the health of communities on a global scale…starting in the US. One of the driving principles behind the effort  which over 200 individuals and organizations from across public health, community health, health care, policy, and more have already signed on to — is to learn from and support community innovations and initiatives that are right now having an impact on people’s health. Millions stand to gain if what’s effective is better understood and spread.
But how does change of this sort happen in measurable ways…especially to achieve the goal of improving the health of 100 million people over the next five years? And, how can hospitals and health care organizations not just say they want to support and strengthen community efforts around health, but actually become part of the fabric and infrastructure and two-way learning that makes it possible? That's where we picked up on this WIHI.
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