"An Ounce of Prevention": Maureen Bisognano, IHI International Summit 2012 Keynote

Keynote Presentation at IHI 13th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice & the Community, March 19, 2012.

In her keynote presentation at the International Summit, IHI President and CEO Maureen Bisognano shares her thoughts on where health care needs to focus in the future ─ at the patient level, at the practice level, and in the community. She also outlines a vision of changing the conversation from "What's the matter?" to "What matters to you?" ─ encouraging the use of patient goal-setting to connect with patients and chart a path toward improved health.

The full-length video of Maureen's keynote presentation and other keynotes from the 13th Annual International Summit are available on IHI TV.

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