Health care systems and governments in the Asia-Pacific region are collaborating with IHI to build the will for change, enhance their capability and capacity to improve, and spread proven best practices in clinical care and patient safety.

The Regional Context
The Asia-Pacific region comprises more than 40 countries and accounts for nearly 65 percent of the world’s total population. Their needs are diverse and countries in the region face very different constraints — from countries with small populations to some that have the largest populations in the world; from infectious diseases as a result of poverty and poor living conditions, to the chronic conditions of developed nations. At the request of health care delivery systems in this region, IHI is helping them demonstrate effective leadership and management practices, improve patient safety, and build capabilities for quality improvement. IHI co-hosts the annual APAC Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare in the region.

Our Goal
In the Asia-Pacific region, our goal is to identify and partner with organizations to build awareness and the will for change, develop improvement capability, and achieve results at scale in population health and health care improvement.

Contact Information
For information about upcoming programs and events please contact info@ihi.org.

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