IHI has experience working intensively with organizations and government entities to drive transformational change throughout a system or country.

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Chesley Rappleye

Regional Team


Pedro Delgado, MSc
Regional Lead
Head of Europe and Latin America
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Pedro Delgado has a unique ability to work across cultures, languages, and systems. Based in the United Kingdom, he has been a driving force in IHI’s global strategy. From work on reducing C-sections in Brazil, to improving early years education in Chile, to improving patient safety in Portugal and mental health in London, Mr. Delgado has led the key senior relationships and design and implementation of large-scale health system improvement efforts and networks globally. He coaches senior leaders and teams, and lectures extensively worldwide on large-scale change, patient safety, and quality improvement. During his time at IHI, he also facilitated the Quality and Innovation Centers network, which included Kaiser Permanente’s Performance Improvement Institute, Qulturum in Jönköping County (Sweden), and the James Anderson Center for Clinical Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. His background is rich in diversity, including a brief period as a professional football (soccer) player, roles in hospital management and large-scale improvement leadership in the UK, and experience working in mental health in Venezuela and the UK. He holds summa cum laude degrees in Psychology and in Global Business, and an MSc in Healthcare Management and Leadership.


Brooks_Amelia_thumb.jpg Amelia Brooks
Senior Director, Patient Safety and Europe Region
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Plymouth, England

Amelia Brooks has expertise in quality improvement, patient safety, human factors, analytics for improvement, and safety culture. She joined IHI in January 2016 as a Director in the Patient Safety Team, where her role includes teaching, diagnostics, and onsite coaching for organizations. As Director for the Europe region, she leads a number of IHI’s European programs and oversees all regional activity. Prior to joining IHI, Ms. Brooks worked in strategic and operational roles in the patient safety and improvement fields, including frontline roles as a quality improvement specialist. In these previous roles, she led the design, development, and implementation of a regional Patient Safety Collaborative in England and also led the design and development of the Life Improvement Software System.


Burks_Dorian_thumb.jpg Dorian Burks
Project Manager
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Boston, MA, USA

Dorian Burks manages and coaches projects on building improvement capability within the UK’s National Health Service and communities in the United States, and he serves as the relationship manager for IHI’s Strategic Partnership with Qulturum in Region Jönköping, Sweden. He is part of IHI’s Internal Equity Improvement Team, where he leads work to improve supervisor and supervisee relationships. He also co-facilitates RISE (Reaching for Inclusion, Social Justice and Equity), an IHI initiative building the foundation for healthy emotional and relational development to incorporate equity into all aspects of work. In addition, Mr. Burks manages IHI virtual programming and the Passport to IHI Training membership program. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and humanities concentration in Anthropology, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at Boston University.



Olivia Butkowski
Project Coordinator
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Boston, MA, USA

Olivia Butkowski supports quality improvement projects in the Europe region and on IHI Strategic Partners team. Her professional interests include social determinants of health and preventative medicine, with a focus on health disparities within and among communities. Before joining IHI, she worked as a New Patient Coordinator in the Thoracic Surgery Department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. During her time there, she worked on projects to optimize patient experience, streamline clinic flow, and improve team operations. Ms. Butkowski graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Human Development and minors in Health Policy and Business.


Rappleye_Chesley_thumb.jpg Chesley Rappleye
Manager of New Business Development, Europe
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Boston, MA, USA

Chesley Rappleye is responsible for partnering with customers to identify unique solutions to their needs, designing and developing business models and detailed project budgets, and helping the regional team meet annual strategic goals in Europe. Her interests revolve around strategy, health equity, and the business case for quality. In addition to her role as Business Development Manager, she is the Project Manager for a Triple Aim initiative in the UK.


Zambeaux_Angela_thumb.jpg Angela Zambeaux
Senior Project Manager
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Boston, MA, USA

Angela G. Zambeaux has managed a wide variety of IHI projects and programs. Since 2013 she has managed the Always Events program and contributed to the spread of Always Events across NHS England through the publication of a toolkit and coaching of improvement teams. Ms. Zambeaux works with The Conversation Project and Conversation Ready, projects designed to help make sure people’s end-of-life care wishes are expressed and respected. As Operational Lead for Europe, her role includes project design, delivery, and evaluation. Prior to joining IHI, Ms. Zambeaux provided project management support to a small accounting firm and spent a year in France teaching English to elementary school students.