COVID-19 in Europe: Free IHI Call Series​

Call Recordings

The recordings of all calls in this series are available by clicking on the playlist menu (hamburger menu in upper right of video player).

22 April 2020: Psychological Wellbeing of Staff During and After COVID-19

Slides: Psychological Wellbeing (22 April 2020)

Chat: Psychological Wellbeing (22 April 2020)


29 April 2020: Rapid Learning During COVID-19: Moving Toward the New Normal

Two organisations share strategies for rapidly collecting and leveraging organisational learning for real-time implementation, demonstrating using improvement as a critical resource amidst urgent and complex challenges.

Slides: Rapid Learning (29 April 2020)

Chat: Rapid Learning (29 April 2020)

IHI COVID-19 New Normal Harvesting Tool

ELFT Quality Impact Assessment for Service Change During COVID-19

ELFT Redesign Framework to Shape Our Future


6 May 2020: Caring for Patients and Families Affected by COVID-19: Meeting the Psychological Needs of Those We Serve

Three organisations share experiences on communicating with service users in the midst of a pandemic. Best practices are grounded in compassion, active listening, timely and effective responses, and the framing of "What matters to you?"

Slides: Caring for Patients and Families (6 May 2020)

Chat: Caring for Patients and Families (6 May 2020)

IHI Conversation and Action Guide to Support Staff Wellbeing and Joy in Work During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic 


13 May 2020: Taking a QI Approach to Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic: Data for Learning and Improvement

Experts describe how to use data to build a coherent narrative and plan for demand to keep both staff and patients safe, including using Shewhart control charts to track COVID-19 data over time and to inform decisions.

Slides: QI Approach to COVID-19 (13 May 2020)

Chat: QI Approach to COVID-19 (13 May 2020)

Excel Template: Shewhart Charts with COVID-19 Reported Deaths Data


19 May 2020: Leading in Crisis

Guests discuss fundamental crisis leadership elements such as staff physical and psychological safety, making space for autonomy, transparent and accessible communication, and genuinely engaging with the community.

Slides: Leading in Crisis (19 May 2020)

Chat: Leading in Crisis (19 May 2020)

Leadership Word Cloud: Leading in Crisis


26 May 2020: Systems Thinking: Primary Care and Care at Home During COVID-19

GPs from Northern Ireland and physicians from Italy shared what they’ve learned about adjusting from their usual way of working and the importance of partnering with communities and governments to keep patients at the centre.

Slides: Systems Thinking (26 May 2020)

Chat: Systems Thinking (26 May 2020)

Word Cloud: Non-COVID Health Care Impacts


2 June 2020: Choices for a "New Normal"

Don Berwick reflects on shaping a “new normal” that reconsiders long-standing habits and discusses how decisions around tempo, standards, working conditions, proximity, preparedness, and equity will play a vital role.

Slides: Choices for a "New Normal" (2 June 2020)

Chat: Choices for a "New Normal" (2 June 2020)