Our Work

At the request of health care delivery systems in this region, IHI is helping them demonstrate effective leadership and management practices, improve patient safety, and build capabilities for quality improvement.

Some of IHI's work in the Asia-Pacific region is highlighted below.

ACCESS Health International: Safe Care, Saving Lives, India
The Aarogyasari Health Care Trust, a social insurer in the state of Andra Pradesh, India, contracts with 450 hospitals to deliver care to a population of 65 million people. They have identified neonatal intensive care as an area of high cost and quality variation. The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, ACCESS Health International, and the World Bank will jointly be addressing these concerns. ACCESS is partnering with IHI to assist in developing quality improvement Collaboratives to improve NICUs, Labor wards, and reliable processes at birth. IHI will provide guidance and mentorship to ACCESS during the Collaborative, as well as providing support for building improvement capability. The Safe Care, Saving Lives project aims to reduce neonatal deaths due to sepsis, prematurity, and birth asphyxia in 25 participating hospitals in Andrah Pradesh.

Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Aga Khan University (AKU) is an international academic institution dedicated to advancing social development through education and research in low- and middle-income countries. AKU is partnering with IHI on the design of their Vaccine Uptake Promotion and Strategy Evaluation Study to improve child vaccination coverage. The study will compare three different strategies while applying quality improvement methodologies across rural and urban areas in Pakistan.

CARE India
IHI will be part of a Technical Support Unit that provides catalytic support to the Health and Social Welfare Departments of the Government of Bihar, India. This effort is building on the state's five-year Integrated Family Health Initiative (IFHI) that began in 2011 to improve maternal care, newborn care, nutrition, immunization, and family planning. IHI is guiding the design and implementation of a Collaborative focused on improving neonatal mortality and morbidity due to prematurity, sepsis, and birth asphyxia. The Collaborative engages major district hospitals in 10 of Bihar’s 30 districts.

Monash Health, Australia
One of the largest health service providers in Australia, Monash Health provides health care across the entire lifespan from pre-birth, newborn babies and children, to the aged, their families and caregivers. Services are provided through more than 40 locations across southeast Melbourne, Victoria. Their specialties include pediatrics, cardiology, women's health, kidney and pancreas transplants, and neonatal intensive care. Through university affiliations, they are a major provider of education and training for the next generation of health professionals and the major clinical partner in research that is advancing knowledge and clinical care. IHI is partnering with Monash to build improvement capability across the organization, from the front lines of care to the organizational leadership level.

Singapore Healthcare Improvement Network, Singapore
In 2014, IHI developed a Strategic Partnership with the Singapore Healthcare Improvement Network, or SHINe. This network, supported by the Ministry of Health in Singapore, supports two central activities: a large-scale, results-oriented initiative aimed at improving safety and reducing harm in health care institutions across the country; and the development of system-wide improvement capability. These activities are connected and mutually reinforcing, as the improvement capability lays the foundation for the success of the large-scale initiative, and the large-scale initiative will give SHINe the opportunity to apply and strengthen the new skills. As a result, SHINe will be increasingly equipped to operate sustainably.