IHI Africa Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

May 4–6, 2020
Johannesburg, South Africa​​


IHI’s portfolio of activities across Africa support governments and partners as they work to close the gap between what is and what could be in population health outcomes. Areas of focus for our work are chosen based on the most pressing need of a region or health system and include supporting Ministries of Health in developing National Quality Strategies, running capability-building activities and QI trainings to develop QI skills for staff at all levels of the health system, and leading Collaboratives and other QI approaches aimed at improving outcomes in several priority areas such as maternal and child health, mental health, TB, HIV/AIDS, and health systems strengthening.

Our Goal

IHI’s work in Africa, in conjunction with our partners, aims to achieve large-scale and sustainable improvement in health outcomes to address the gaps in care provided. We do this by providing large-scale programming both in individual countries and across countries in the region, supporting development of quality strategies, building local improvement capability, and developing a regionalized cost and quality methodology.

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In the Spotlight

IHI Partners with South Africa to Improve Tuberculosis Care
IHI has been awarded a $3 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support a four-year initiative co-designed with the South Africa National Department of Health and other partners to reduce deaths from tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa. The ambitious goal is to reduce TB cases by one third and to cut TB mortality by half in five years. This is the first time quality improvement methods will be used country-wide to reduce TB morbidity and mortality.

Best Practices for Scaling Up Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
The report, "Tanzania-Kenya Knowledge Exchange for the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival: Reflections and Recommendations,” describes best practices identified through the work of the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival, a six-country learning network across sub-Saharan Africa. The report is co-authored by IHI faculty Patty Webster and prepared for USAID by IHI, URC, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs.

Improving Maternal and Child Health Outcomes at Scale in Ghana
This article describes how a QI approach to identify, test, and implement low-cost local solutions to address barriers to care successfully improves maternal and child health outcomes at scale in Ghana.

In Ethiopia, the Sun Is Not Setting on Laboring Women
With grant funding awarded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2015, IHI and its partners are supporting the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health's efforts to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in Ethiopia. IHI Africa Region Executive Director Dr. Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey describes what he learned and observed during a recent visit.