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​​Fellowship Overview

​​​​The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) presents a new Fellowship program to select health care professionals worldwide. The IHI Fellowship Program is designed for those in quality and safety roles who are looking to take their strategic, operational, and thought leadership skills to the next level.

The 10-month program will support a closely-knit cohort of participants from around the globe and will include smaller affinity groups. It combines in-person and virtual learning, and includes experiential learning through the leadership of strategic, impactful work within participants' home organizations. This work within home organizations will help to firmly cement the strategic improvement knowledge and new ways of thinking that will be gained throughout the program. 

Ideal candidates will have strong foundational knowledge and experience in quality, safety, and quality improvement capability. They will seek to hone their knowledge and skills to effectively institute impactful change and achieve organizational goals in today's complex health care environment. ​​

Fellowship participants will:

  • Bring new ways of thinking and innovative ideas for improving the quality of patient care, reducing harm, and improving quality of care and patient-centered outcomes back to their organization
  • Make a direct impact on their system while pursuing a strategic project with metrics tied to strategic organizational goals
  • Deepen their knowledge in quality and safety science
  • Learn how to lead system changes in quality, safety, and culture, including how to engage, influence, and impact culture change

Support and networking opportunities include:

  • A dedicated mentor providing continuous feedback and support
  • Access to and guidance from renowned IHI leaders and faculty, including health care quality and safety experts, and innovative leaders who have improved systems in other industries
  • A lasting and meaningful global network of peers and faculty, allowing for an exchange of advice, ideas, and support in the long-term (this includes an exclusive alumni network)
  • Senior sponsorship and active engagement from your home organization’s executive team, including quarterly sponsor progress check-ins


Tuition rate is $28,000 per fellow and may be funded organizationally or individually. Applicants should ensure they have funding in place prior to applying. Tuition will be invoiced once Fellows are notified of their acceptance into the program and is due upon receipt.​
Fees Cover: 
  • All program materials for three learning retreats
    • Two four-day sessions (in-person)
    • One three-day session (in-person)
  • Monthly virtual learning sessions and online learning modules
  • Self or organizational assessment tools
  • Strategic project scoping and individualized mentoring
  • Access to the Fellowship learning community, affinity groups, and faculty
  • Access to the Fellowship alumni community


Scholarship Funding
There are a limited number of need-based scholarships available annually. To inquire please contact us at or 866-787-0831.

Cancellations, Substitutions, and Refunds

Full registration fees are refundable if a written request is submitted to ​on or before August 1. If you are entitled to a refund, expect the refund within 30 days. All refunds wil l be iss ued back to the original payment type. Registrations and cancellations received after August 1, are not refundable. If you need to cancel after August 1, please call our Customer Service department at (617) 301-4800. One attendee may be substituted for another at any time by calling (617) 301-4800. ​

Unconditional Guarantee
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied that this program is a valuable experience, IHI will gladly refund your enrollment fee. Please note that due to unforeseeable circumstances, last-minute changes in program titles, speakers, or presentations may be unavoidable.