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854 Chapters have been started in 86 countries
Updated 4/1/2017


The IHI Open School is a global learning community, here to support you and your team in providing the best possible care. We offer three important ways to learn — because people making changes in complex systems need different types of education and support.

Open School Pie Courses Chapters Projects

When you engage with the Open School’s online education, local Chapters, and guided improvement projects, you join more than 500,000 interprofessional learners from universities, organizations, and health systems around the world in building core skills in improvement, safety, system design, and leadership.

Below is an overview of offerings from the Open School. To learn more, explore the three sections of our website, and take our free course OS 101: Introduction to the IHI Open School: Join the Movement to Improve Health & Health Care.

Here’s what you’ll find in the IHI Open School:

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