Community Overview

The IHI Open School community is an innovative, global network of over 500,000 learners committed to improving health and health care. As part of the community, we invite you to work across professions and traditional health care boundaries to improve how health professionals work, interact, and deliver care.


The Open School offers the following ways to get involved, stay connected, spread your learning, and build a community of change agents at home:

Chapter Network
The Chapter Network is an integral piece of the IHI Open School community. Boasting over 815 Chapters in more than 85 countries at university campuses and health care organizations around the world, this network creates a forum for like-minded individuals to interact and help each other gain skills to improve care. Explore the Chapter Map to see if there’s a Chapter near you!

Faculty Network
The Faculty Network is a place to connect online with faculty members who are using the Open School courses in their curricula and advising and running Open School Chapters at their local universities or organizations.

Activities & Exercises
In addition to online courses, the IHI Open School offers a free library of activities that includes videos, case studies, games, and patient stories. We encourage you to browse these resources and integrate them into your Chapter meetings, trainings, or curriculum.

Looking for updates and ideas from the Open School, our learners, and Chapters around the world? You’re sure to learn something new every time you visit the Open School Blog, which is also where you can publish your own accomplishments in quality improvement and patient safety.

Weekly Newsletter
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