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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​START A CHAPTER​

Starting a Chapter is easy! To be recognized as an IHI Open School Chapter, download the Chapter Leader Toolkit, and complete the Chapter Enrollment Form. ​

Before you complete the enrollment form, check if an IHI Open School Chapter already exists at your institution through our interactive Chapter Map below. If there isn't an existing Chapter in your area, follow these instructions and recommendations for starting a new Chapter: 
Once you have submitted your enrollment form, you will be added to the Chapter Map and receive:
  • A welcome email from us confirming your registration as an IHI Open School Chapter, which includes suggestions and resources to help you get started and connects you with our Open School Coaches​.
  • Access to our Chapter Leader and/or Faculty listservs so that you will be able to communicate with the rest of the IHI Open School community members.
Please note, to maintain an active IHI Open School Chapter membership and status you will need to: 
  • ​Submit an annual Chapter Progress Report
  • Regularly convene your Chapter members
  • Maintain a core leadership team of Chapter Leader(s) and Faculty Advisors
  • Share updates with the IHI Open School on annual changes to your leadership team or news about your Chapter's activity and events through this for​m or by emailing   ​​​



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Blue_pushpin.png= Chapter Involved with the Recover Hope Campaign


 Map of Chapters