Root Cause and Systems Analysis (IHI Open School Course: PS 104)

This course introduces students to a systematic response to error called root cause analysis (RCA). The goal of RCA is to learn from adverse events and prevent them from happening in the future. The three lessons in this course explain RCA in detail, using case studies and examples from both industry and health care. By the end, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach to completing an RCA after an error – and improving the process that led to the error. Note: Because RCAs are usually conducted in teams, it may be beneficial to take this course with a small group.
Lesson 1: Root Cause Analysis Helps Us Learn from Errors  
Lesson 2: How a Root Cause Analysis Works  
Lesson 3: How Root Cause Analysis Can Help Improve Health Care 
This course is free for students, medical residents, university faculty who teach courses, and users from the Least Developed Countries. IHI charges a modest subscription fee for health professionals. Learn more about IHI Open School subscriptions.