Introduction to Patient Safety (IHI Open School Course: PS 100)

No one embarks on a health care career intending to harm patients. But much too often, patients die or suffer injuries from the care they receive. In this course, you’ll learn why becoming a student of patient safety is critical for everyone involved in health care today. First, you’ll learn about the human and financial toll of medical error around the world. Next, you’ll learn the basics of the psychology of error and try your hand at identifying unsafe acts in real health care cases. Finally, you’ll learn five essential behaviors that any health care worker can adopt right away to improve the safety of patients.
Lesson 1: Understanding Medical Error and Patient Safety
Lesson 2: Understanding Unsafe Acts
Lesson 3: A Call to Action — What YOU Can Do
This course is free for students, medical residents, university faculty who teach courses, and users from the Least Developed Countries. IHI charges a modest subscription fee for health professionals. Learn more about IHI Open School subscriptions.