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Make the Business Case for Workforce Safety

​​​​​​Workforce safety is preconditional and essential for patient safety  and foundational for sta​ff joy in work. To provide the best possible care to patients, health care organizations must ensure the physical and psychological safety of direct care providers and all staff. Yet health care workers experience higher rates of harm than any other industry  more than half a million cases of injury and illness were reported in 2017 alone. What can health care improvers do to address this challenge?  

Workforce safety requires a full leadership commitment to a system-level strategy to measurably and equitably improve safety for all members of the care team. And that starts with you. 

Course participants will be able to make the business and quality case for workforce safety, draw a connection between workforce safety and patient safety, as well as meaning and joy in work, measure and address physical and psychological harm, and develop concrete steps to create and sustain a healthy work environment for
their organization. 

​​​​What You Will Learn

​By the end of this 12-week online course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the scope and influence of workforce illness and injury in health care  
  • Apply successful strategies from health care organizations who have made measurable improvements in workforce safety 
  • Summarize the key building blocks of a workforce safety management system


Who Should Attend

Participants for this course include:

  • Nurses  
  • Physicians  
  • Pharmacists  
  • Administration 
  • Supervisors  
  • Core managers  
  • Human resources leaders ​​
  • Senior leaders
  • Patient safety, quality, and risk professionals
  • Occupational health professionals​