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Achieve a Culture of Safety

​​Patient safety experts and researchers point to organizational culture as critical to the success of patient and workforce safety initiatives. Yet creating a culture of safety in health care settings can prove challenging.  
In this course, participants will learn to articulate the importance of a safety culture, gain the skills they need to understand their own organization’s culture, and adopt behaviors and attitudes to achieve change. Participants will move beyond buzzwords to become fluent in the language of culture, and identify clear, practical actions they can take to change their organization’s safety culture for the better — ​and for the long run.​

​What You Will Learn

During this 11​-week online course, participants will be able to:

  • Define safety culture and its key components 
  • Gain insight into the personal and organizational behaviors that drive culture 
  • Understand how to assess culture and to use that understanding to impact change  
  • ​Describe the role of individuals at all levels in developing and sustaining the desired culture 

Who Should Attend

Participants for this online course may include:
  • Nurses  
  • Physicians  
  • Pharmacists  
  • Administration 
  • Supervisors  
  • Core managers  
  • Human resource leaders ​