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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is the expected weekly time commitment for the course?

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Participation in the course involves a time commitment of one hour per week, including didactic edu​​cation (online lectures, assignments, readings), attendance at live all-learner calls, and assignments applying the new knowledge and skills to your work.​​

  1. (3) All-Learner Calls – Everyone who enrolls in the course is encouraged to participate on these calls, during which faculty will go over lesson material and additional resources with time for questions and discussion.
  2. (3) Small-Group Coaching Calls (optional for added fee of $400) ​– Those that purchase this option will be paired wih an IHI faculty member to coach them on their specific project.

What will we get by purchasing the small-group coaching?

In addition to the three live All-Learner Calls, individuals or teams will be able to join more focused coaching sessions with an assigned IHI faculty member. The coaching cohort and IHI coach will be connected through three live calls, emails, and optional individual coaching sessions throughout the duration of the course.

The additional three coaching calls carry a flat fee of $400 for individuals or groups. View details about our individual and group rates. 

What are the requirements for the course?

We expect learners to commit to the following items to receive continuing education credits or a general Certificate of Completion:

  • Watch all weekly videos 
  • Complete and submit bi-weekly assignments
  • Attend all (or view recordings of) all live All-Learner C​alls
  • Complete the post-course evaluation survey

Are the lessons released on a certain date? How long will we have access to them?

course is structured around (optional) bi-weekly deadlines. To facilitate each learner progressing through the lessons together with the cohort, every other Wednesday, a lesson is released and remains open for viewing for the rest of the course. For example, if a learner wants to go back to Lesson 1 in the middle of Lesson 3, they would be able to do that.

Learners will have access to all materials for one month after the course closes. Video lessons will be available for viewing until the course closes on December 16 , 2020. We expect learners to view the video lectures, practice the skills for that lesson, and complete any assignments before the next lesson is released. 

​What are All-Learner Calls?​

All-Learner Calls are three live 60-minute calls that take place after Lesson 1, Lesson 4, and Lesson 6.

We expect all participants to make their best effort to attend and participate in these calls. All-Learner Calls are opportunities for faculty to share new matieral, guide the cohort through exercises and reflections, and share project examples. All-Learner Calls are also opportunities for the entire cohort to network, practice skills together, and learn from one another.

The live calls will be recorded. If you are unable to attend an All-Learner Call, we encourage learners to review the recording of the presentation, which we will send via email.

Will I continue to have access to the course content after the course ends?

No. Learners do not have ongoing access to the course lessons. The course closes six weeks after the final lesson to allow learners time to review the content and submit any late assignments.

 As they progress through the course, learners are welcome to download and save the transcripts of the online lectures, as well as the assignments and templates in each week's lesson for continued reference and use.

 Access to lectures within the virtual course is limited to learners who are currently enrolled in the course. Posting it or sharing it beyond the course, which many participants pay for access to, would be a violation of our terms of use.

 We do not distribute the presentation slides that pair with the online lectures.​​

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