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One of the hardest parts of quality improvement (QI) is successful spread and scale of local improvement. Many organizations can achieve great results in a pilot area, but often struggle to spread those changes to other departments, facilities, or even regions. Scale-up thinking  finding and overcoming the infrastructure issues that arise during spread  provides us with an added dimension to consider in leading the spread of improvements on a large scale. Whether the scale of change is at a facility, system, community, or national level the tasks of establishing clear aims, engaging leaders, and identifying the tools, resources, and processes needed to activate adopters and support the implementation of the improvement at each level in the development of the change are crucial components of successful spread efforts.

For years, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has been working with individuals and organizations that have successfully spread improvement from pilot projects all the way up to system- or even country-wide scale. To share what we have learned, we have put together our latest Web&ACTION called: Taking a Fresh Look at Getting Results at Scale. Over the course of four virtual sessions, you will have a unique opportunity learn from leaders of large-scale spread efforts as they share the stories of their successes and how they overcame barriers. This program will use these case examples to bring concepts to life and provide step-by-step guidance on how to successfully spread and scale-up your improvement activities.​ 

Our expert faculty will provide you with:
  • Cutting-edge theory and practice about moving improvements from pilot areas to entire organizations, systems, regions, or countries
  • The tools and tactics that contribute to successful spread efforts
  • Proven methods for how to implement projects so that they are scalable beyond a pilot area
  • Ways to identify and address infrastructure issues that enable large-scale adoption of improvements
  • Case examples that illustrate the relationship between pilot projects and successful large-scale implementation of improvements  
  • Guidance on the day-to-day management of large-scale spread efforts​