The Human Side of Quality Improvement (IHI Open School Course: QI 105)

If you want to improve a complex system, you’ll probably need to convince the people around you to do things differently. But a change that seems sensible and beneficial to you may feel threatening to others. In this course, you’ll learn why culture change is crucial to the success of many improvement projects. You’ll discover the most common reasons people resist change, and then you’ll practice responding in a way that mitigates that resistance. You’ll also learn how new ideas typically spread through a population, and what you can do to help different parts of the population adopt the change. Finally, you’ll learn different ways to motivate people – and which methods are likely to be most effective in a health care setting.


Lesson 1: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Lesson 2: What Motivates People to Change

Lesson 3: Culture Change Versus Process Change



This course is free for students, medical residents, university faculty who teach courses, and users from the Least Developed Countries. IHI charges a modest subscription fee for health professionals. Learn more about IHI Open School subscriptions.