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On Demand: Building Skills in Data Collection and Understanding Variation

Successful measurement is a cornerstone of successful improvement. How do you know if the changes you are making are leading to improvement? Simple: you measure.

IHI is pleased to offer Building Skills in Data Collection and Understanding Variation, an On Demand presentation featuring IHI’s Executive Director of Performance Improvement, Robert Lloyd, PhD. This presentation is designed to help teams successfully manage the milestones along the quality measurement journey.

The first part of Dr. Lloyd’s presentation reviews the differences between measurement for improvement, judgment and research, and outlines the critical milestones needed for a successful measurement journey. Issues related to stratification and sampling are also highlighted.

The second part focuses on understanding variation — both conceptually and statistically. Dr. Lloyd will help participants understand the differences between static and dynamic approaches to statistical analysis and how to evaluate data variation. Common and special causes of variation will also be described and demonstrated.