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The current system providing care for frail older adults with complex needs is seriously flawed, yielding unreasonable suffering and waste. Health care organizations can partner with community services to redesign the system for this growing population—taking one that is fragmented, inefficient, and expensive and making it cohesive, efficient, and affordable. Given the complexities and various parties involved, this new design may seem hard to reach. However, considering the problem will only get worse as this segment of the population continues to grow now is the time to take action to build the foundation for that highly reliable, trustworthy, and efficient service delivery system.
To help organizations begin to lay the groundwork for this new system, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement is offering its latest web-based Expedition. Improving Care for Frail Older Adults with Complex Needs will provide you with the components and processes that can build a community-based, highly reliable, and highly efficient system of care for the population. This program will help you to design care plans that meet the individual’s needs, goals, values, and preferences. Additionally, our expert faculty will help you to build relationships and connections in the community to make sure that fragile elderly people receive great care everywhere in your community.

​What You'll Learn


At the end of the Expedition each participant will be able to:

  • Describe an ideal system of care for frail older adults with complex needs that aims at living meaningfully and comfortably at a lower total cost in a well-designed service delivery system

  • Develop strategies to identify this population in your geographic community

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s situation and a health and well-being plan driven by the goals and preferences of the client and the family

  • Modify health care services to match needs

  • Develop strategies to integrate social supports, long-term services, and health care for individuals and for the entire local community