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Materials & Technology


If you are enrolled in this session and would like to access the available session materials, please follow these steps:
  1. Click “Log In/Register” at the top of the page and enter your username and password.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on “My IHI” at the top right.
  3. From the left-hand menu, choose “My Offerings.” 
  4. Under "My Enrollments," you will see this session listed.
  5. Right below the session title, you will see a hyperlink that says “Materials and Handouts.” Click on this link to access any materials and handouts that will be used in this session.
PLEASE NOTE: Not all session materials may be available for viewing. Only materials that have been submitted previously by presenters before a program will be made accessible to attendees. ​​ ​​​​​​​


Distance learning for this series is supported by WebEx. To fully participate in the session, learners will need to have the following available for the duration of the series:
  • Broadband Internet connectivity (e.g., T1/LAN, DSL, satellite, or cable modem)
  • Each connection will require a personal computer with the following configuration:
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 or later
    • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, or the latest release of Firefox or Chrome (Internet Explorer is recommended)
    • At least 1024x768 screen resolution
    • Administrative privileges on the computer to install the WebEx client software, or IT support with admin privileges 
  • Access to a Network/IT resource in your organization in the event that proxy or firewall issues cause connectivity problems
  • Telephone convenient to computer for dial-in to meetings (with mute button if possible)
    WebEx Software Installation
Here are the instructions to pre-install the WebEx software on your computers. The software installation should only take about 5 minutes (if you don't pre-install the software, it will still be installed automatically when you join the session).
  1. Browse to the IHI WebEx Home Page at (note: no "www").
  2. Once at the WebEx page, click Set Up in the left navigation, and select Training Manager. This will display a page where you can set up the Training Manager software that we will be using for this course. We will not be using Flash or Windows Media files, so you do not need to click the "verify your rich media players" link.
  3. To install the WebEx Training Manager software, click the Set Up button. If you receive a Security Warning asking if you want to install and run WebEx Client from WebEx Communications, Inc., please select "Yes" (we recommend also checking the box to always trust content from WebEx, which will allow you to transparently receive updates to the software without having to see this warning each time). If you are unable to install the software from within the browser, you will see two links to directly install the software with an installation package; choose the one that matches your browser software (Internet Explorer or Netscape).
If you have any difficulty with the set-up process, please contact WebEx technical support at 866-569-3239 (option 4).
You may also wish to set your time zone, so meetings show up in the meeting list in your local time. Click Set Up in the left navigation, and then Preferences. Note that this is a per-computer setting, so you will have to do this on each computer you use to access WebEx.