​Whether you’re looking for new ideas for health care improvement, want to get results in a particular area, or are ready to take your organization to a new level of performance, IHI has educational programs and trainings to help you. We offer both in-person and virtual training, as well as online courses and other web-based education.  

Upcoming Conferences

Learn the latest improvement ideas, connect with like-minded colleagues, and generate momentum for ch ange in your organization at IHI's world-class annual conferences.

IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care

Forum_MarriottOrlando_jpg.jpg December 912, 2018
Orlando, FL, USA

Improvement Science Meets the Passion of Health Care
For 30 years, the IHI National Forum has been the epicenter for quality improve ment in health care. Those who attend explore how improvement science methodologies can be used to effect real change in patient safety and care. Learn more >>

IHI/BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare: Europe

IHI Summit on Improving Patient Care - San Francisco, CA March 27–29, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland

BMJ and IHI, with strategic partners, bring together more than  3,000 health care leaders and practitioners from 70+ countries. Connect with colleagues, learn from global leaders, and support and energize the movement for health care improvement. Learn more >>

2019 IHI Summit on Improving Patient Care

IHI Summit on Improving Patient CareApril 1113, 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA

The IHI Summit is the destination for 1,000 ​health care professionals who are committed to transforming patient care. Attend this conference for practical instruction and rejuvenating inspiration. You'll leave equipped and eager to make changes that improve the lives of patients.  Learn more >>

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Upcoming In-Person Programs

Clinicians Leading Improvement
Begins February 11, 2019 | Boston, MA

Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program
First virtual workshop February 12, 2019 | In-person program begins March 18, 2019 | Boston, MA

Patient Safety Executive Development Program
March 7–13, 2019 | Cambridge, MA

Breakthrough Series College
March 26–28, 2019 | Boston, MA

Hospital Flow Professional Development Program
May 6–10, 2019 | Boston, MA

Chief Quality Officer Professional Development Program
Begins June 10, 2019 | Boston, MA

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Virtual Training

Leading Quality Improvement: Essentials for Managers
Begins January 15, 2019 | Online Course with Live Calls

Practical Tips for Large-Scale Improvement Initiatives
Begins January 24, 2019 | IHI Virtual Expedition

Becoming an Age-Friendly Health System
Begins February 5, 2019 | IHI Virtual Expedition

Finding and Creating Joy in Work
Begins March 5, 2019 | Online Course with Coachin​g

Pain Management: Moving Beyond Opioids
Begins March 6, 2019 | IHI Virtual Expedition

Leadership and Organizing for Change
Begins March 14, 2019 | IHI Virtual Expedition


Audio and Video Programs

WIHI: Free Audio Program 
Watch for this year's podcast, taped live at the IHI National Forum
December 2018 ​


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Online Courses

IHI Open School Online Courses
Students: FREE | Professionals: By subscription  

Current Collaboratives 


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