CPPS: Certified Professional in Patient Safety


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The Certified Professional in Patient SafetyTM credential (CPPS) is
earned by professionals who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the core standards of patient safety.​​​​​​​​​ This credential is awarded through a thorough examination covering five patient safety domains:​

  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Patient Safety Risks and Solutions
  • Measuring and Improving Performance
  • Systems Thinking and Design / Human Factors​
More than 2,000 professionals have earned the CPPS credential, representing all 50 US states and ten countries.​

WHY certification is important

This professional certification program establishes core standards for the field of patient safety, benchmarks requirements necessary for health care professionals, and sets an expected proficiency level.

  • ​​For professionals, the CPPS credential provides those working in patient safety a means to demonstrate their proficiency and skill in the discipline
  • ​For organizations, requiring the CPPS credential provides a way for employers to validate a potential candidate’s patient safety knowledge and skill base, critical competencies for today’s health​







Patient Safety Professionals​

Quality and Risk Management Professionals​

Health Care Executives

Nonclinical Health Care Professionals​

Other health care professionals with the requisite background​


what are the requirements for certification

Candidates for the CPPS credential are those who include patient safety practices as an integral component of current or future professional responsibilities. Candidates must also possess academic and professional experience at one of the following levels:

  • Baccalaureate degree or higher, plus 3 years of experience (includes time spent in clinical rotations and residency programs) in a health care setting or with a provider of services to the health care industry


  • ​Associate degree or equivalent plus 5 years of experience (includes time
    spent in clinical rotations) in a health care setting or with a provider of services to the health care industry


​​how to GET certifIED​​

Before registering for your exam, the following are recommended:

If you would like to prepare prior to your exam consider taking the online CPPS practice exam or​​​ taking a CPPS review course.

Once you are ready to register for your exam, select a date and time at a testing center near you through our partner website.​​