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The Patient Safety Executive Development Program can help you provide clarity and direction to health care organizations on the key strategic, clinical, and operational components involved in achieving safe and reliable operational excellence — a “system of safety”.
Join IHI's expert faculty on this intensive six-and-a-half day program to:

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1. Assess your organization and/or area of responsibility’s culture of safety​​​​​​
  • ​Use diagnostic tools to measure:​​​​

Leadership​Psychological Safety​Accountability
Reliability​​Measurement​Continuous Learning

  • Determine which data currently generated by your organization is most relevant to measuring a culture of safety, and which additional data could be captured​

2. Design a strategic patient safety plan tailored to your area of responsibility with coaching from IHI faculty
  • Develop new systems for continuous learning including learning from what works and what harms
  • Construct new systems that accommodate for human factors and team resource management principles to reduce harm, errors and mortality within your organization​

3. Implement proven changes that improve the culture of safety throughout your organization/area of responsibility
  • Generate buy in from executive and board-level leadership in your organization – a senior leader from your organization is invited to help develop its a strategic plan
  • Apply a sustainable, systemic culture of safety  – not just a collection of stand-alone safety improvement projects – to your organization/area of responsibility​

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for those responsible for implementing and maintaining a patient safety program in an organization, hospital, department, or inpatient or outpatient facility, including:​

  • ​Patient Safety Officers
  • Quality Leaders​
  • Risk Managers​
  • Infection Prevention​
  • Staff Nurse Executives​
  • Nurses​
  • Managers / Directors​
  • Department Heads​
  • Administrations​
  • Pharmacists​
  • ​Physicians​
  • Individuals in a Safety Oversight Role​

About the Patient Safety Executive Development Program
Now in its 16th year, this program unites experienced clinicians from around the world with IHI faculty who are trusted experts in the field. The concepts taught are informed by deep experience in guiding organizations in their patient safety improvement efforts.
Learnings from this program have been applied in many settings — in acute care, ambulatory care, home care, long-term care, in the community, in the military, and more. Additionally, alumni of this program join a global network of 3,000+ other alumni of the program, who have applied strategies they learned in a variety of health care settings.