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The general agenda for The Triple Aim: Better Care for Individuals, Better Health for Population, and Lower Per Capita seminar is outlined below. To view a detailed agenda of an upcoming seminar, please select the specific date and location here.
Day 1
Introduction to the IHI Triple Aim
This session describes the elements of the IHI Triple Aim and the IHI Triple Aim framework, including operational definitions, design elements, and identification of a population. Participants will discuss aims, measures, strategic plans, and how the IHI Triple Aim fits into their organization’s strategy. Participants will also define a population for the IHI Triple Aim approach.
Measurement and the IHI Triple Aim
During this session participants will review measurement for the IHI Triple Aim and will identify measures for their population, health experience, and cost.
Case Example: Bellin Health's Journey to the IHI Triple Aim
Examine Bellin Health’s experience in the IHI Triple Aim. Participants will hear Pete Knox, a Bellin Health team member, describe how they selected a population and report on their measurable results to date. 
Design Session 1: Aligning Projects to the IHI Triple Aim
Participants will explore examples of how to define powerful aims and key measures. Participants will analyze current projects happening at their organization and demonstrate how they will apply to the population they have chosen.
Developing a Portfolio of Projects
Determine how to identify population needs and structure a group of projects to reach the IHI Triple Aim. Participants will choose one or more illustrative case that represents their defined population. They will then develop ideas to support the individual case(s) and scale those ideas up for the larger system.

Day 2

Case Example: The CareOregon IHI Triple Aim Journey
Examine Care Oregon's population, aims, measures and methods for population health, cost cutting and improved patient experience. Participants will hear from Rebecca Ramsay, a CareOregon team member.
Design Session 2: Finalizing an IHI Triple Aim Plan  
During this session faculty will review the design of an IHI Triple Aim enterprise using the Care Oregon example. Participants will incorporate additional ideas from the case example and finalize their improvement plans.
Payment Models to Support the IHI Triple Aim
Participants will explore the current state of healthcare payment structures and explore and analyze new emerging models with faculty.
IHI Triple Aim Navigation
Identify how to implement the IHI Triple Aim framework and concepts at your organizations.
Care Oregon Portfolio of Projects
With IHI faculty, analyze one or more of Care Oregon's projects that "roll up” to success at the system level in the IHI Triple Aim.
Optional Coaching
For participants seeking additional faculty feedback on their action plans, there will be an optional session where teams can present their plans and get coaching advice from the faculty and other teams.
Minor changes in faculty, agenda times, or presentations may occur.