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Do you have the will — the desire to improve care systems — but not necessarily a roadmap to guide your improvement journey? Will is essential, but it takes a firm grasp of the theories, methods and tools of quality improvement to turn the vision of an improved system into a reality.

Hands-on learning is still the best way to gain a firm grounding in the concepts, tools, and methods needed to plan and execute an effective quality improvement journey. The Science of Improvement is a lively, interactive, highly motivating first step. Working under the guidance of IHI health care improvement experts, you will build the critical skills that you can apply in your own improvement initiatives.

Like most successful improvement, the most effective learning is collaborative. In this two-day seminar you will work closely with a group of like-minded colleagues who share similar challenges and goals. With them you will gain the confidence to apply basic improvement tools and work effectively with improvement teams back home. Participants are encouraged to join a network of quality improvers that will continue to share ideas and encouragement long after the seminar ends.
Watch a short clip of faculty Robert Lloyd, PhD, presenting on operational definitions.
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What You'll Learn​


At the conclusion of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the basic components of the improvement philosophy of Dr. W. Edwards Deming

  • Use the Model for Improvement as a framework for quality improvement projects in your organization

  • Differentiate between testing, implementing, and spreading changes

    Recognize the use of data for improvement from its use for research and public accountability

  • Understand variation conceptually and statistically

  • Develop and interpret run charts and control charts

  • Identify fundamental methods to manage teams effectively