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Advancing Patient Safety


Your job is to lead your organisation's patient safety efforts. You have ways to monitor and investigate harm to patients. You have data. You've put an action plan into place.

So, why aren't you seeing results? The situation may not be getting worse, but your data is frustratingly stable. You're not seeing the reductions in harm from falls, VTEs, CA-UTIs, pressure ulcers, or infections you expected. You're getting pressure from above you and your staff is suffering from burnout.

Everyone is trying their best, but patients are still experiencing unnecessary harm. You know that continually investigating and re-investigating case-by-case won't get you the insights necessary to guide fundamental changes, but what's the alternative?

If you're looking for a different approach, consider the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI's) three-day Leading Patient Safety: United Kingdom programme. It offers practical and scientific methods to create a whole-system approach to eliminating harm.

What You'll Learn

By participating in IHI's Leading Patient Safety programme, you'll learn:

  • How broken systems and punitive work cultures undermine patient safety and job satisfaction
  • To use a proven diagnostic tool to understand your system's strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • To create action plans that get sustainable results and a measurement strategy designed for learning, not judgment
  • To practice and encourage the behaviours that support the development of a culture of improvement
See the program's agenda to learn more.​

What You'll Walk Away With

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Design a strategic patient safety improvement plan tailored to your specific initiative
  • Assess your organization’s current state through the Framework for Safe, Effective and Reliable Care
  • Begin the process of applying proven changes to help you achieve a culture of safety
  • Develop new systems for continuous learning, including learning from what works and what harms
  • Learn how to engage other leaders in your organization
  • Design changes that accommodate for human factors and team resource management principles
  • Apply the basics of measurement and analysis to guide improvement efforts
See the program's agenda to learn more.​
Who Should Attend

This programme is for those who have (or want to have) responsibility for improving the safety of care in their organisation. It is ideal for those with safety leadership roles looking for help with embedding patient safety methods, tools, and strategies at every level. These roles include:

  • Medical Director
  • Deputy Medical Direct​​or
  • Director of Nursing
  • Deputy Director of Nursing​
  • Director of Governance
  • Director of Safety
  • Patient Safety Leads
  • Clinical Governance Leads​​

Why IHI?
IHI experts will apply decades of global experience identifying and promoting safety best practices to help you address the challenges in your particular setting.
IHI teaches participants to do more than just look at individual cases of harm. We'll teach practical and proven scientific methods to create whole-system improvement.
IHI will offer tools and methods to turn endless projects into a culture of safety and continuous improvement. 
IHI will share time-tested strategies for engaging leaders, patients and families, and those working closest to the point of care.