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Previous Programs

​October 2019Birmingham, England
​September 2019Boston, MA, USA
​November 2018London, England
​September 2018Boston, MA, USA
​April 2018Boston, MA​, USA
​September 2017Cambridge, MA​, USA
​June 2017Cambridge, MA​, USA
May 2017Sussex, England
​January 2017​ San Francisco, CA​, USA
September 2016​Cambridge, MA​​, USA
February 2016​​Cambridge​, MA, USA

Overall Design and Structure

This three-month program consists of:

  • One pre-work webinar (90 minutes)
  • A 3-day workshop followed by three 3-hour webinars 
  • A 3-day workshop 
  • Final 90-minute webinar
Program Results
By the end of the 12-week program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the Science of Improvement
  • Use the Model for Improvement (MFI) as a roadmap for improvement projects
  • Coach improvement teams in the use of the MFI to develop, test, and implement changes
  • Engage leaders in improvement work and projects 
  • Understand how to use data for improvement, including skill with run charts
  • Use key quality improvement tools (e.g. Process Mapping, Fishbone, Pareto charts, Run Charts)
  • Assist their teams in identifying high leverage change ideas and testing them using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) methodology
  • Transfer acquired improvement skills to front-line staff and managers 
  •  Plan the completion of their improvement project  
  • Understand concepts of spread, scale-up, and Shewhart charts
  • The Improvement Guide, Langley, J. et al, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2009
  • Creativity Paper: Quality Progress, 1996, Creativity and Improvement: A Vital Link 
  • Run chart paper: BMJ - The run chart: a simple analytical tool for learning from variation
  •  MUSIQ Paper: BMJ Quality & Safety - The Model for Understanding Success in Quality 
  • Strength Development Inventory (SDI)
Required Software
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)