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"improvement coaches need to embrace the human side of change."

Learn how to identify, plan, and lead improvement projects throughout an organization.​
  • Web-based component begins Thursday, January 12, 2017.
  • First in-person component will be held January 30–February 1,  2017, in San Francisco, CA
  • Second in-person component will be held March 13–15, 2017, in San Francisco, CA


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI’s) Improvement Coach Professional Development Program is a 12-week journey to develop your improvement knowledge and skill so you can coach improvement teams and facilitate improvement strategies within your organization. The expectation is not that you will change your current role and become an improvement professional. Rather, the course will build your knowledge and skills in the application of the science of improvement that will, in turn, complement your specific area of specialization.
You will organize your learning in this program around a specific improvement project and improvement team at your organization. Your project and application of the methods to your work are central to the program, Therefore, each participant must have an improvement project, new or already underway, in order to participate.​


This program is designed to help you:
  • Coach improvement teams to develop, test, and implement changes including identifying high-leverage change ideas and testing them using PDSA cycles
  • Understand how to use data for improvement, including how to use run charts, and other key quality improvement tools
  • Build skills in team facilitation, communication, decision making, and understanding team culture
  • Teach improvement skills to staff and managers
  • Leave with a specific plan for completion of your i​mprovement project
  •  Learn concepts of implementation, spread, and scale-up​
The specific schedule for this 12-week offering is as follows:
​Workshop ​Type ​Date ​Time
Getting Started virtual workshop ​Webinar ​January 12, 2017 ​12 PM–1:30 PM ET
Workshop 1 In-person (San Francisco)​ January 30​–​February 1, 2017 8 AM​–5 PM ET
Three 3-hour virtual workshops Webinar​ February 16​, February 22, and March 2, 2017 ​12 PM–3 PM ET
Workshop 2​  In-person (San Francisco)​ March 13–​15, 2017
8 AM–​5 PM ET
Final virtual workshop Webinar​ April 6, 2017​ 12​–​​1:30 PM ET


Consider enrolling for this program if you have a solid foundation in quality improvement concepts, methods, and tools, but you need more specific, formal training in coaching improvement teams.​