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Workshop/Activity Topics
1 Getting started virtual workshop
  • Program aim and objectives
  • Program design and expectations
  • Preparing for the first workshop
  • Program ​logistics and next steps
2 Start project and prepare for workshop


​3 ​First in-person workshop

​Day 1

  • Let's get started! What is a coach?
  • What is quality improvement?
  • What are we trying to accomplish? Establishing aim statements
  • Building your team: First things
  • What do we want to accomplish? A deeper drive
  • Running effective meetings

Day 2

  • How will we know that a change is an improvement?
  • Why and what we will measure?
  • Understanding variation
  • Completing your family of measures
  • Decision making
  • What changes can we make that will result in improvement?
  • Developing and selecting change ideas

Day 3

  • How will we test our change ideas? Running real PDSA cycles
  • Case study examples
  • Facilitation
  • Improvement project management
  • Tying it all together
​4 ​Work on improvement projects
5​ ​Virtual workshop 1
  • ​Project presentations
  • More on how to use and interpret run charts in a project
6​ Virtual workshop 2
  • ​Project presentations
  • Tools spotlight: Data collection forms, surveys, tree diagrams
7​ ​Virtual workshop 3
  • ​Project presentations
  • Tools spotlight: FMEA, radar charts, scatterplots
​8 Prepare for in-person workshop 2
9 ​Second in-person workshop (3-day)

Day 1

  • Welcome back
  • A deeper dive: Measurement and run charts
  • Developing change ideas:
  • Creativity overview
  • Six thinking hats
  • Facilitation part 2: Coaching teams
  • Project presentations
  • MUSIQ: Understanding and optimizing contextual factors for success

Day 2

  • Coaching to learn: One-on-one leadership coaching
  • Developing change ideas: Change packages
  • Project presentations
  • The art of coaching: Coaching practice
  • Visual displays of data
  • Teamwork and communication: Understanding working styles

Day 3

  • Project presentations
  • Sequence of improvement: implementation, spread, and scale-up
  • The art of coaching: coaching practice
  • Graduation
10-11​ Continue work on improvement projects
12​ Concluding webinar
  • ​Selected project presentations
  • Reflections and celebration
Materials (Provided)
Langley GL, Moen R, Nolan KM, Nolan TW, Norman CL, Provost LP. The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance (2nd Edition). San Francisco, California, USA: Jossey-Bass Publishers; 2009.

Required Software
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)