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"improvement coaches need to embrace the human side of change."

Learn how to identify, plan, and lead improvement projects throughout an organisation.​
  • First program call will be 15 May at 3:30 PM BST
  • First in-person component will be held 30 May1 June 2017, in West Sussex, UK
  • Second in-person component will be held 17 July–19 July 2017 in West Sussex, UK


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI’s) Improvement Coach Professional Development Programme is a 12-week journey designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully coach improvement teams and facilitate improvement strategies within your organisation.

This programme focuses on building competencies in the application of the science of improvement that will, in turn, enable you to support and guide a team in its quality improvement journey.

You will be able to use your learning in this programme to help a specific improvement team. The application of coaching skills and methods to a team’s work will be central to your success in this programme. Therefore, each participant must come to the first in-person workshop having identified a team that they will support. This team can be a newly formed team or one that is already working on improving a process.

What YOU'LL Learn

This program is designed to help you coach improvement teams in:

  • The development of ideas for change
  • How to set up and run PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) tests
  • How to implement new ideas
  • How to spread new ideas

You’ll also:

  • Understand and apply the milestones in the quality measurement journey to the team’s work. This will include: how to select and define appropriate measures, development of data collection plans, and how to analyze and interpret data for quality improvement.
  • Develop expertise in QI (Quality Improvement) tools that are designed to help teams become efficient in their work and high functioning (e.g., establishing team ground rules; using divergent and convergent thinking tools; recognizing and avoiding groupthink; building dialogue rather than debate; and applying QI tools such as flowcharting, Pareto analysis, and driver diagrams).
  • Build skills in being able to explain and apply improvement concepts and tools to staff and managers.
  • Learn the sequence of improvement (i.e., testing, implementing, scale-up, and spread).


  • Individuals who already have a foundation in basic concepts and methods of QI. This programme is intended for individuals who have a background in or exposure to the science of improvement.
  • Quality improvement team members who want to develop into improvement coaches.   
  • Individuals with clinical as well as non-clinical expertise who: (1) enjoy working with people, (2) are not easily frustrated with the complexity of interpersonal dynamics, (3) are able to secure protected time to serve as an Improvement Coach, and (4) have a strong desire to do accomplish aims with a team rather than by delegating to a team or simply working on behalf of a team.