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Become an Improvement Coach

The safety and wellbeing of the IHI community is our main priority. Therefore, all IHI professional development programmes will be conducted virtually until further notice.

Further develop your improvement knowledge and skills in order to coach and facilitate improvement teams, with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI's) Improvement Coach Professional Development Programme.

This interactive, experiential programme is designed to advance your improvement capability and deepen your skills in the art of coaching and facilitating improvement teams in support of achieving their goals.

With a unique focus on how to do improvement work with or via others, this programme specifically explores the human side of change and the experiences many face when doing improvement work in the workplace.

Practice during the virtual workshops, combined with the application of your learning with your team back home creates a dynamic learning opportunity.


In order to make the most of this practical professional development programme, you must identify a team with an improvement project. This team must be willing to allow you to apply your learning from the programme and act as a coach.

This programme is designed to help you:

  • Define and describe Improvement Science and the role of the Model for Improvement as a method, specifically focusing on the psychology of change
  • Employ coaching skills to help improvement teams develop aims, measures, and changes and test those changes through Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles
  • Describe the use of data for improvement, and how to collect and analyse data through this lens in service of understanding variation
  • Use key quality improvement tools and build confidence in coaching others to use them
  • Apply skills in team facilitation, communication, decision making, and coaching to advance the team’s work
  • Practice the skills and behaviours needed to coach improvement teams, as well as leaders and managers, in health care and other industries
  • Distinguish between concepts of implementation, sustainability, and scale-up


This programme is ideal for people who support improvement teams on a weekly basis (e.g., 25-50% of  their time as an improvement coach). 

In order to stay at pace with the programme, participants are also encouraged to have a foundation in quality improvement (QI) concepts, methods, and tools (see recommendations in the 'Recommended Prequisites' section below).

QI team members or leaders who are interested in deepening their knowledge in QI and coaching others would be a great fit. Consider registering for this program if you are looking to:

  • Coach staff on how to apply improvement concepts, methods, and tools to daily work
  • Support teams in identifying a problem and scoping an improvement project 
  • Help develop measures, data collection plans, and analyse data for a project
  • Understand the working and communication styles within a team in order to be more effective
  • Run effective meetings

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Experience: previous experience participating on an improvement team
  • Knowledge: prior improvement knowledge required:
    • IHI Open School QI courses, Science of Improvement course, Improvement Science in Action course


    • An equivalent level of learning from other organisations (e.g., ASQ, NQF, or a university-based QI program)
  • Application: An improvement team identified. This team will be where you will apply your learning as the Improvement Coach.