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Become an Improvement Coach

​​​Robert Lloyd, PhD, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), discusses the qualities of good improvement coaches.​


This 12-week experiential programme will give you the skills needed to successfully coach and facilitate improvement teams, while supporting the implementation of improvement strategies throughout your organisation.

Your learning throughout this programme will focus on a specific team from your organisation and an improvement project this team is pursuing. As the project and application of the coaching methods are central to the programme, to participate you must have an improvement team to coach, and the team must have a new or already underway improvement project.

This 12-week experiential professional development programme is made-up of virtual and in-person workshops.


This programme is designed to help you:

  • Understand the Science of Improvement and use the Model for Improvement as a roadmap for improvement projects
  • Coach improvement teams on how to develop, test, and implement changes
  • Identify high-leverage change ideas and test them using PDSA cycles
  • Become skilled in how to use data for improvement, including how to use run charts, and other key quality improvement tools
  • Build skills in team facilitation, communication, decision making, and understanding team culture
  • Apply just-in-time teaching of improvement skills to team members in order to advance the team’s work
  • Leave with a specific plan for how you will continue coaching your team and prepare yourself to coach subsequent teams
  • Learn concepts of implementation, sustainability, and scale-up


Consider enroling for this programme if you have a foundation in quality improvement concepts, methods, and tools, but you need more specific, formal training in coaching and facilitating improvement teams in order to:​

  • Coach staff and employees in how to apply improvement concepts, methods, and tools to daily work
  • Help teams gather ideas and carry out an improvement project
  • Help coach and advise people to develop measures and analyse data for a project
  • Understand the working and communication styles within a team
  • Run more effective meetings

This programme is ideal for people who will be actively supporting improvement teams on a day-to-day basis (e.g., 25 to 50 percent of their time is dedicated to support teams as an improvement coach).


  • Previous experience participating on an improvement team
  • Prior improvement knowledge required:
    • For example: IHI Open School online courses, science of improvement, Improvement Science in Action
    • Or an equivalent of learning from other organisations (e.g., ASQ, NQF, or a university-based QI programme)
  • Requires participants to have an improvement team from their organisation, where they will perform the role of improvement coach