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Upcoming Programs

 Begins October 29, 2019Boston, MA, USA
 Begins February 18, 2020London, England

Past Programs

The Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program has also been offered in the past. Please see below for past dates and locations.
​Began June 3, 2019​London, England
​Began March 18, 2019​Boston, MA
Began January 21, 2019Belfast, Northern Ireland
Began October 2, 2018Boston, MA
Began April 3, 2018Boston, MA
​Began January 15, 2018​​​Belfast, Northern Ireland​
Began May 30, 2017London, UK
​Began March 20, 2017​​​Cambridge, MA​
Began January 17, 2017Belfast, Northern Ireland
​Began November 14, 2016​​​Cambridge, MA​
​​Began September 19, 2016​Cambridge, MA
Began June 27, 2016 London, UK
Began March 14, 2016​Cambridge, MA
​Began November 24, 2015​Belfast, Northern Ireland​
Began October 8, 2015​Cambridge, MA
Began February 26, 2015​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 18, 2014 Cambridge, MA
Began February 2014​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2013​Cambridge, MA
Began February 2013​​​Cambridge, MA
Began August 2012​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2012​​Cambridge, MA
​Began August 2011​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2011​Cambridge, MA
​Began October 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began March 2010​Cambridge, MA
​Began September 2009​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2009​Cambridge, MA
​Began June 2008​Cambridge, MA
​Began February 2008 
​Cambridge, MA