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Hospital Flow in the UK: During and Beyond COVID-19

​​​​​​​​​​The safety and well-being of the IHI community is our main priority. Therefore, all IHI professional development programs will be conducted virtually until further notice. ​​

​The number one focus in the world right now is healthcare and the critical need to bring greater efficiency to treating patients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, vast amounts of information are rapidly cross-crossing the globe. Governments, health systems, and research communities in the European region are looking to learn as much as possible from each other, as quickly as possible, about the nature of COVID-19 and the most effective interventions for preventing and treating it.  

We cannot afford to ignore the clear signs pointing to a new future of increased care needs, labour shortages, and operational strain. From COVID-19 to general routine care, we must act now to ensure that no patient waits for the care they need.   

For healthcare professionals looking to structure their leadership plans around lessons learned in the field comes the Hospital Flow in the UK: During and Beyond COVID-19. In this online course, healthcare leaders address challenges and share successes, best practices, and strategies to effectively advance the long-term goal of improving community health in a post-COVID world.  

Experts will discuss noteworthy global challenges and responses to COVID-19, specifically focusing on efforts in the United Kingdom (UK) to monitor and quickly improve treatment for patients across the care continuum. 

During this course, we will cover:  

  • ​Developing models to match capacity and demand to meet patient needs, shape demand to respond to COVID-19 surges, and redesign systems, incorporating best learnings
  • Best of COVID-19 learning to incorporate into daily work
  • Customising a plan to respond to surges while maintaining other business
  • New ways to improve flow within your organisation to ensure safe, effective, and person-centred care
  • Developing tools for effective flow to minimise waste and delays as you move into winter​  

Experts will a​lso describe how to use data to build a coherent narrative and plan for demand to keep both staff and patients safe, including using Shewhart control charts to track COVID-19 data over time and to inform decisions in their organisation. 

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​Who Should Attend


Primary Functions

  • Middle Managers
  • Nurses and Physicians between managers and front line
  • Decision makers
  • Senior operational level
  • People with responsibilities for flow in the ED, ICU, discharge, etc.
  • Operational leaders, clinical leaders

Job Titles

  • Clinical Director
  • Nurse Director
  • Nurse Clinical Managers
  • Senior Operational Leaders
  • Directors of Operations​