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Listen to a recording of an informational call on the Cracking the Code to Hospital-Wide Patient Flow seminar with the faculty (from 9/11).

Click here to listen to the call and click here to view the slides​.


Effective patient flow: Learn how to crack the code

When patient flow is poor, it can negatively affect the safety and effectiveness of your hospital. On the other hand, when patient flow is effective, it can reduce harmful delays, "boarding" patients in the ED, managing patients off-service, and ED overcrowding. It can also increase value by allowing more patients to be seen more efficiently.
To this end, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) invites you to attend Cracking the Code to Hospital-Wide Patient Flow on October 23-24, 2014 in Denver, CO. This two-day seminar helps you view effective patient flow as a hospital-wide issue.

The interplay between the ED and the hospital

Emergency departments often divert patients because of the lack of inpatient space and ED overcrowding has prompted many hospitals to spend millions of dollars to expand their emergency rooms. Attempts to improve patient flow that focus only on the ED or other units miss the larger picture: effective patient flow is a hospital-wide issue, and can only be optimized at the system level.

Work with experts to create a plan

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work with expert faculty members to understand Real-Time Demand Capacity (RTDC) —  a practical and effective method developed during IHI’s Hospital–Wide Patient Flow Collaborative. RTDC was featured in a Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety article, which was authored by three of the faculty members participating in the seminar.
By implementing 4-step RTDC, you will be better positioned to:
  • Improve the overall system of patient flow in your hospital
  • Plan better and smarter
  • Identify areas and units where specific improvement projects can be undertaken
The ability to improve patient flow through the implementation of RTDC begins with a plan. Develop yours when you attend this valuable IHI seminar.

​What You'll Learn

As a result of this program, participants will be better equipped to:
  • Understand and measure patient flow
  • Identify the bottlenecks in their organization
  • Create a customized plan for improving flow
  • Use tools and strategies to execute their plan
  • Create systems that support Real-Time Demand Capacity management

Who Should Attend

We recommend those directly responsible for hospital flow attend this seminar:
  •  Hospital leaders (e.g., Nursing VP)
  • Flow coordinators
  • Nursing supervisors
  • Directors of medical or surgical units
  • Quality leaders
  • Quality staff
  • Improvement experts​