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Session Agenda

​​​​​​​​​The general agenda for the program is outlined below. Please note the agenda is subject to change. The full agenda will be made available closer to the event.​

Day One

    • ​​Welcome, Overview of IHI, and Introductions
    • Creating Value in Health Care
    • Strategies to Achieve System-Wide Hospital Flow 
    • Debrief of Pre-Work and Diagnostic Measures 
    • Storyboard Rounds: "Bright Spots" and Major Challenges 
    • Redesign the System: Improving ED Efficiencies and Patient Flow (Kaiser South Sacramento) 
    • Redesign the System: Improving ED Efficiencies and Patient Flow (Cambridge Health Alliance)
    • Action Planning and Faculty Coaching
    • Welcome Reception 

    Day Two

    • Reflections on Day 1 and Plans for Day 2 
    • Redesign the System: Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement 
    • Redesign the System: Improving Med/Surg Unit Efficiencies and Patient Flow (Breakout 1)
    • Redesign the System: Improving ICU Efficiencies and Patient Flow (Breakout 2)
    • Open Space
    • Redesign the System: Using Quality Improvement to Optimize Discharge Efficiency​​
    • Redesign the System: Service Line Optimization and Population Health 
    • Action Planning and Faculty Coaching 
    • Optional Tour of the Emergency Department at Cambridge Health Alliance​


    Day Three

    • Reflections on Day 2 and Plans for Day 3 
    • Shaping Demand: Institute for Healthcare Optimization’s Variability Methodology
    • Shaping Demand: Separating Elective and Emergency OR Schedules 
    • Shaping Demand: Managing Elective OR Schedules and Predicting Downstream Demand 
    • Shaping Demand: Reducing Emergency Department Visits 
    • Shaping Demand: 10% Cascade 
    • Shaping Demand: Reducing Avoidable Readmissions (Breakout 1)​
    • Shaping Demand: Respecting Individuals'​ Wishes for End-of-Life Care (Breakout 2) 
    • Action Planning and Faculty Coaching 
    • Optional Office Tour of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement

    Day Four 

    • Reflections on Day 3 and Plans for Day 4 
    • Matching Capacity and Demand: Using Advanced Analytics for Improvement and Forecasting 
    • Matching Capacity and Demand: Real-Time Demand and Capacity Management and Surge Planning 
    • Open space for participant-initiated discussion
    • Other sessions​ to be determined

    ​Day Five

    • Reflections on Day 4 and Plans for Day 5 
    • Executive Leadership and Oversight of System-wide Performance 
    • Utilization of Hospital-wide Metrics to Guide Learning within and across Projects to Achieve Results 
    • Putting It All Together to Achieve System-Wide Results