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The general agenda for the Executive Quality Academy program is outlined below. To view a detailed agenda of an upcoming seminar, please select the specific date and location of an upcoming offering.


General Agenda

The content, prepared in modules, for the initial three-day on-site sessions includes the following:


Each participating team will be asked to submit its current strategic or quality plan, including any specific quality aims embedded in that plan and any measures of quality performance that they are tracking as a team against that plan. Prework will be sent out 4 to 6 weeks in advance to allow teams to complete the three-question case study template.

Aims and Measures

Each team will present its current quality aims and its plan for achieving those aims. By the end of the three days, teams will have a "first-cut" improved set of aims, along with relevant measures they can track on a monthly basis (or even more frequently), informed by feedback from the expert faculty and other participants.


Get Patients and Families on Your Team, Engage the CFO, and Engage Physicians

Teams will analyze presented case studies relative to senior team capabilities, understanding and using the business case, and approaches to physician engagement.


Build Improvement Capability, Channel Attention

The core of this section will focus on the personal work of senior leaders — what they do with their time, how they know what to do with respect to technical improvement issues — as well as leadership concerns such as scale and spread, flow management, waste reduction, and reliability. Critical technical skills that senior leaders must have will be identified and teams will create plans to develop, improve, and use those skills.


Theory of the Strategy

Each team, including the CEO, will focus on developing a theory of the strategy for achieving its own quality aims using a variety of tools and methods.