Midwife Aims to Deliver Quality Improvement Skills to Colleagues

​January 2014

Diana Jolles, CNM, MS, has delivered excellent care to thousands of new mothers during her career. She’s assisted mothers to deliver adorable baby girls and boys in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

Now, she’s aiming to deliver quality improvement skills to the midwife community in the United States.

“Helping midwives lead change effectively is the only way to change the care delivery system,” Jolles says. “Our next generation is going to have to be the change.”

Jolles, the Quality Section Chair of the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) and a professor at Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky, is creating a virtual community for students, faculty, and practicing midwives. All midwives, Jolles says, are welcome to join the group, which will learn from the IHI Open School courses throughout 2014.

“I’m 100 percent convinced that going through the IHI Open School courses will lead to quality improvement work,” she says.

Jolles says the “quality bug bit her” early in her career when she was a National Health Service Corp Scholar in Texas. She’s led several data-driven projects in her career, assisting in quality improvement project, research studies, and policy work. In other words, she’s no stranger to leadership roles in the midwife community.

Jolles sees big challenges — and big opportunities — with quality and safety in the midwife community. That’s why she’s putting together the virtual community, which will include monthly webinars to complement learning from the Open School courses. The four webinars Jolles has lined up for 2014 kicked off last week with “Increasing Midwifery-led Quality Improvement Capability.” She’ll lead additional webinars in each of the next three months, including:

  • “Quality Improvement and Perinatal Safety,” on February 6
  • “Midwifery Leadership and Quality Improvement,” on March 6
  • “Person- and Family-Centered Care Midwifery-led Quality Improvement Programs,” on April 7

“We’re going to have a guest speaker for 20 minutes on each call talk about how the related Open School modules applies to midwifery,” Jolles says.

The courses and the webinars, Jolles hopes, will help increase the quality improvement knowledge and skills in the ACNM membership. That’s part of the four core objectives she’s laid out for 2014:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of the ACNM member workforce to participate in quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI).
  2. Expose faculty and students to formal QA and QI curriculum that is free and available to use in midwifery and advanced practice programs.
  3. Consider the value of IHI training for non-university—based midwives.
  4. Explore the feasibility of starting an Open School Chapter.

“This year, I hope universities will start to embed the IHI Open School courses in their curriculum and make them mandatory,” Jolles says. “Next year, we want to focus on getting more professionals through the courses.”

Email Diana to learn more about the midwife community she is launching.​​

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