The IHI Open School is thrilled to announce a​ course exclusively for dental professionals.
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The IHI Open School courses were updated August 2016. You will notice new titles for some courses. For more information, click here


​The Open School offers more than 30 online courses in quality, safety, leadership, the Triple Aim, and patient-centered care. Through narrative, video, and interactive discussion, the courses create a dynamic learning environment to inspire students and health professionals of all levels.​

​Open School courses are broken into digestible, 15- to 40-minute lessons, designed for busy learners and educators. For a well-rounded introducti​on to essential concepts, we recommend our Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety. 


ake a look below for an overview of available courses. For a complete course listing, including lesson titles, authors, and learning objectives, download the Open School Curriculum Overview (PDF).

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