The IHI Open School is thrilled to announce a​ course exclusively for dental professionals.
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The IHI Open School courses were updated August 2016. You will notice new titles for some courses. For more information, click here


The IHI Open School off​ers more than 30 online courses. Throug​h narrative, video, and interactive discussion, the courses create a dynamic learning environm​​ent to inspire students and health professionals of all levels.​​

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​​​​​Available Topics​​

​​Quality Improvement​

​Patient Safety

​Person-Centered Care

  • ​QI 101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement*
  • ​PS 101: Introduction to Patient Safety*
  • PFC 101: Introduction to Patient-Centered Care*
  • QI 102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement*
  • PS 102: From Error to Harm*
  • ​PFC 102: Key Dimensions of Patient- and Family-Centered Care
  • QI 103: Testing and Measuring Changes with PDSA Cycles*
  • ​PS 103: Human Factors and Safety*​
  • ​PFC 103: Incorporating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice
  • QI 104: Interpreting Data: Run Charts, Control Charts, and Other Measurement Tools*
  • ​PS 104: Teamwork and Communication*
  • PFC 201: A Guide to Shadowing: Seeing Care Through the Eyes of Patients and Families
  • ​QI 105: Leading Quality Improvement*
  • PS 105: Responding to Adverse Events*
  • PFC 202: Having the Conversation: Basic Skills for Conversations about End-of-Life Care
  • QI 201: Planning for Spread: From Local Improvements to System-Wide Change​​
  • PS 201: Root Cause Analyses and Actions


  • L 101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership​​​​​​*
  • ​QI 202: Addressing Small Problems to Build Safer, More Reliable Systems
  • PS 202: Achieving Total Systems Safety

Triple Aim

  • ​TA 101: Introduction to the Triple Aim for Populations​*
  • ​​QI 301: Guide to the IHI Open School Quality Improvement Practicum
  • ​PS 203: Pursuing Professional Accountability and a Just Culture
  • TA 102: Improving Health ​Equity
  • ​​TA 103: Increasing Value and Reducing Waste at the Point of Care​
The Open School also offers a series of courses for graduate medical education faculty who are interesting in teaching the concepts above.

Open School’s Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety​ comprises 13 essential courses, indicated with an asterisk(*). 

​Courses are divided into three levels: ​
  • 100: Introductory concepts for all health care audiences
  • 200: Intermediate concepts and specialized topic areas
  • 300: Guided experiential training