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By IHI Open School | Wednesday, Mar 01, 2017
More than 500,000 people have passed through the virtual doors of the IHI Open School. This means over half a million students, residents, and faculty equipped with the necessary skills — in improvement science, leadership, and community organizing — to lead change.


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By Gina Deitz | Monday, Feb 06, 2017
This blog post highlights a few of the exceptional quality improvement projects IHI Open School learners are leading.


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By Joyce Kim | Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016
Joyce Kim is a medical student at the Emory University School of Medicine and a member of the IHI Open School Chapter at Emory University. This multidisciplinary group volunteers at the Clarkston Community Health Center, which serves refugees a few miles from the Emory campus.


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By IHI Open School | Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016
Quality improvement work isn’t done until you’ve shared it. So says Dr. Greg Ogrinc, a foremost expert in QI publishing, who helped establish the Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) guidelines. Dr. Ogrinc, Director of the Quality Literature Program and Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at Dartmouth Medical School, presented his tips for publishing QI work to IHI Open School students on a recent Global Chapter Call. You can access the full record ... read full post


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By IHI Open School | Monday, Feb 01, 2016
Health professions students can play a critical role in quality improvement initiatives, both during their training and in their careers.


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