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By Erica Bridge | Thursday, Oct 15, 2015
Quality improvement methods have spread rapidly through health care in the last two decades, and health professions schools are integrating this training more and more each year. But the field of public health has been much slower to adopt a quality methods, even as more health systems are taking on population health through the IHI Triple Aim. In this blog post, Erica Bridge, BPH, MA, former Open School Chapter Leader at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, explains why she believes quality imp ... read full post


Tag(s): Population Health, Quality Improvement
By IHI Open School | Monday, Sep 21, 2015
Lisa Miller, an MPH student at Oregon Health and Sciences University, recently completed the IHI Open School Practicum. Her project focused on helping clinic staff at a primary care clinic document patients’ social needs in the electronic medical record, so that clinic staff could address them along with patients’ medical needs. The project was a success (by the end of the work, 100 percent of patients seen by behavioral health staff had their social needs documented in the designated chart loca ... read full post


Tag(s): Practicum, interprofessional learning, Faculty Advisor, Population Health
By IHI Open School | Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015
Jonathan Brach is an EMT in Woburn, MA, and an aspiring medical student. He participated in the new IHI Open School course, Leadership ... read full post


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