Tools to Take Action

​​​​We aim to improve the lives of 50,000 people living with substance use disorders around the world by April 2020. Will you join us?

We will improve awareness, prevention, and treatment and recovery by focusing on four actions: changing the narrative, saving lives from overdose, improving pain management, and reforming university curricula. 

This toolbox includes resources to help you lead your work to improve the lives of people living with substance use disorders. 

Change the Narrative

Share the online pledge form with your networks. Download and print the PDF version of the pledge to collect hand-written signatures.

View the pledge in English, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. Ver em portuguê​s. Ver en español. Voir en français.

Campaign Pro​​ject Work Action Guides

Check out four Campaign Action Guides for more information on the four action areas and ideas for local work you can lead:

Upcoming Calls

​Join a virtual or in-person campaign event. Campaign Momentum Calls aim to bring together leaders of our network to share best practices, learn from one another, and foster community.

Want to present your work on an upcoming call? Email

Co​aching and Support​Connect with a leader of the Recover Hope Campaign or Open School Coach for guidance on getting started with a local project. Email to request coaching.
Open School Resources

Take the Leadership and Organizing for Change course to learn to lead a campaign project.

Review the Chapter Resource Library, which includes the QI Essentials Toolkit, activities and ready-made resources for Open School Chapters, and more.

If you aren't a part of an Open School Chapter, check out our Chapter Map to find and join a Chapter near you.

Share your Work with Us!​Fill out our project interest survey to help us learn more about the work you are leading. You can also use this form to track your progress!