Improve Pain Management

The Recover Hope Campaign seeks to raise awareness, improve prevention, and promote high-quality treatment of substance use disorders (SUD). Our network has taken collective action twice – once to take a stand against stigma by pledging to use person-first, recovery-focused language relating to SUD, and second to host events celebrating the power of recovery and calling community members to join our effort.

For our third collective action event – our third campaign “peak” – we are changing the way pain is understood and managed.

The typical medical model of pain management relies heavily on prescription opioids. This poses risks to patients, including symptoms that undermine quality of life, and the risk of tolerance and dependence on opioids, which can lead to dangerous misuse.

We know that pain is multifaceted and we need a new approach. Click here for current research on pain management.

As Open School change agents, we will empower patients and community members to explore alternative methods of pain management.

Beginning now, we invite our network to hold meaningful conversations with patients and community members to empower them to talk with their health care providers, with the goal of avoiding opioid prescribing as a first resort to pain management. These conversations will get to the heart of common root causes of human pain and suffering – which often has a psychological component in addition to a physical manifestation – and identify effective alternative therapies.

Our goal: Equip 100 Open School change agents to have at least one conversation with a patient or community member.

Our vision: These conversations on the lived experiences of pain and alternative pain management approaches will empower individuals to talk with their health care providers about pain management options that are right for them.

Use this toolkit to help Start a Conversation about Pain Management