Introduction to the IHI Open School

Do you know why IHI started the Open School? Want to learn how to get the most out of the Open School’s online education, interprofessional Chapter groups, and improvement project mentorship? Take OS 101: Introduction to the IHI Open School: Join the Movement to Improve Health & Health Care.

This free overview course will immerse you in a global community of people — students, faculty, professionals, and even patients — who are working to improve health and health care around the world. You’ll learn about the gaps they’re trying to fill, and we’ll show you how the Open School is working to help them — and how it can help you.

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OS 101 includes three lessons:

Lesson 1: Welcome to the IHI Open School: Online Education, Interprofessional Chapters & Improvement Projects

People are driven to work in health care for excellent reasons — but it can be easy to feel disconnected from those reasons over time. In this lesson, we’ll briefly introduce the IHI Open School and its history. We’ll show you how to make the most out of all the Open School has to offer, including online education, face-to-face Chapter groups, and experiential learning opportunities.

Lesson 2: Five Steps for Starting and Growing an IHI Open School Chapter

If you’re excited by what you’re learning about health care improvement and want to share it with others, this lesson is for you! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to build an IHI Open School Chapter from the ground up.

Lesson 3: Staying Connected: Chapter Sustainability Tips from the IHI Open School

How can your Chapter maintain enthusiasm over time? All Chapters face this question, especially as members and Leaders move on in their careers and their schooling. We’ll teach you tactics — learned from Open School Chapters around the world — for sustaining Chapter momentum over the long term.


Here's what the IHI Open School can offer you: