​“Joining a Chapter has allowed me to be in touch with students from other countries around the world, as well as renowned professionals who share their experiences and knowledge.  It has been a great opportunity to improve my level of comprehension in patient safety and quality improvement while giving me tools to apply these concepts in my future medical career.”
- Dolores Macchiavello, IHI Open School Regional Chapter Coordinator of Latin America

Introduction to Chapters


What is an IHI Open School Chapter?

An IHI Open School Chapter is a face-to-face, interprofessional group at your institution. Each Chapter is unique. It brings students from different health professions programs together through a shared interest in learning about quality improvement and improving care for patients. IHI Open School Chapters exist on university campuses or in health care organizations, creating a forum for like-minded students and residents to interact and help each other gain skills to improve care. The IHI Open School provides Chapters with opportunities to learn more, network with peers, connect with engaged and supportive faculty, and accomplish scholarly activities such as publishing and presenting work.

Take our free overview course, OS 101: Introduction to the IHI Open School: Join the Movement to Improve Health & Health Care, to learn more about how to get the most out of the IHI Open School's online education, interprofessional Chapter groups, and improvement project mentorship.


What do IHI Open School Chapters do?

Here are some examples of what IHI Open School Chapters do:

  • Take IHI Open School courses.
  • Host events for students and residents interested in quality improvement at their organization or with other Chapters in their region.
  • Conduct quality improvement projects.
  • Facilitate activities/exercises with other students, residents, and health professionals.
  • Participate in educational reform to incorporate quality and safety into their formal curriculum.

Take a look at the Chapter Activity Center to get more ideas!


Who is involved in IHI Open School Chapters?

Typically, Chapters are based on university campuses and include schools of nursing, medicine, health administration, pharmacy, engineering, business, and other health professions. Chapters also form at hospitals, health systems, and other health care organizations. Some health care delivery sites have started Chapters to provide an informal opportunity to train staff, engage new professionals in improvement, and train students rotating through their organizations. (In this structure, we encourage you to identify local students to participate in the Chapter.) 


What will I get if I start or join an IHI Open School Chapter?

If you start or join an existing Chapter, here are a few opportunities that you can look forward to:

  • Boosting your skills in patient safety and quality improvement in health care within an interdisciplinary setting.
  • Receiving a scholarship to attend IHI’s Annual National Forum, where you’ll network with nearly 6,000 professionals interested in health care improvement — including 200 students like you.
  • Putting your knowledge of patient safety and quality improvement to work in local health care organizations.
  • Publishing work on IHI’s website and potentially in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Being among the first to hear about new courses and content from the IHI Open School.
  • Networking and sharing ideas with like-minded students, faculty, and employers from around the world.
  • Getting a chance to meet like-minded students.
  • Collaborating on IHI Open School resources — including courses and case studies — with like-minded peers and colleagues.
  • Finding teammates for quality improvement projects.
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​Do I get free access to the IHI Open School courses if I start a Chapter?

Starting a Chapter does not give you free access to the courses. If you are a student, resident, university faculty who teaches a course, or a user from one of the Least Developed Countries, IHI Open School online courses are free whether you belong to a Chapter or not. 

However, IHI charges a modest subscription fee for health professionals who would like to complete the IHI Open School courses, regardless of participation in a Chapter. Scholarships may be available based on need.

All other IHI Open School resources — including the Chapter Network — are free for everyone.